Saturday, 21 January 2012

Talking and double dice: general update

There have been leap and bounds in the Gracie household this last month, and with it being a new year, it seemed like a good time to do a general update.

Over Christmas Lychee learned to walk and has become more and more steady on her feet over the last few weeks, but more importantly her speech is massively improving.

Our silent little girl, who never uttered a sound unless she was crying, has been happily babbling away recently. Her new words include Cosmo's real name, 'Bubble', 'yummy', 'oh no', 'tiger', 'teddy', 'fish' and 'uh-oh'.

But most excitedly, yesterday she said her first complete sentence, in context, using all words that she has never said before!!

Whilst sitting with my sister she started stroking the velour appliqué on her top and saying 'look! It's so soft'. In fact, she said it a few times, and this morning she said 'look at that!' whilst pointing to a piece of kiwi she'd dropped on the floor.

I'm so excited. I can't wait until she is able to communicate with us more freely (as cute as her hand gestures are)!

Cosmo has been working hard too, and really enjoying a fact book we picked up for his bedtime reading. He's been telling me how earthquakes happen and rules of roman society.

As we're also loving board games, we've been playing loads and he's even come up with his own rules to give the game some more variety. He calls it 'Ludo double dice'.

The rules go like this:

* to leave home the numbers on both dice must add up to six (exactly) or one of the dice should have a six showing (increases the chances of being able to leave home)
* if you roll 'double dice' (two numbers that match) you get to have another turn.
* you must move if you can.
* if you land on someone they get sent back home. If they have two counters on one space it acts as a block and you can't send them home. If they have three counters on that space, you are sent home.
* if you are less than six spaces away from home, and you roll a double six, you can go straight home without needing an exact roll (necessary if you need a one)!

It so much fun, and I'm surprised at his creativity. Maybe I'm naive, but I think it's pretty good going for a four year old.


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