Sunday, 29 January 2012

The enchanted sculpture trail

We love stanwick lakes, it's one of our favourite places to go, and I'm so glad we were introduced to it early on when we moved here.

As members, they send us emails when they are doing something fun, and this weekend they were making a new installation for the enchanted sculpture walk called 'mosaic trees'.

It involved cutting and gluing little tiles all over the thinner parts of the tree, which were going to be grouted later.
It also had some sections where you took a hammer and chisel
Cut out a small square
And pressed in a tile
To make a cute little window-type thing
Cosmo was nervous at first, and just watched for a long time, but then he was keen to get on and have a go whilst I finished off tiling a bit further up.
And we couldn't have a trip to stanwick lakes without a quick loop of the adventure trail
Will loves climbing to the top of this rock and then leaping off into his daddy's arms.
That's faith!


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