Thursday, 9 May 2013

Stable Day

Yesterday was stable day with our homeschool co-op. The children had an amazing time learning about how to care for horses, in fact Cosmo's favourite part of the day was mucking out the stables! They learned about feeding and grooming, caring for tack and they also got a riding lesson.
Photo: Serious concentration required for trotting!
I was so proud of him, because he had been really worried about taking part, but despite initial nerves he did do it and really enjoyed himself.
Photo: William riding Todd
Photo: Starting to enjoy riding :0)
I think this is also the longest time I have ever left him anywhere (10am-3pm) without an adult he knows well. It was obviously helpful that his cousins were in the class and he knew some other children too, but I was so pleased with the way the owners of the stable made an effort to make him feel comfortable too.

Lychee was insanely jealous (the stables only had insurance for children over four years old) and spent most of the day pretending to ride horses.
Photo: Someone is very jealous that William is on 'stable day'. She is practicing horse riding on logs...
But before you feel too sorry for her, she did get to spend an afternoon playing in the woods with me and Cooper, and in the morning we took her to the Japanese Koi Company aka the free zoo. If you haven't been, and you live locally, you are missing out.

They have raccoon dogs, armadillos, spiders, snakes, bunnies, frogs, birds, all kinds of fish and turtles etc... it really is both fun and educational.
Photo: A red snake at the Japanese koi company

Here's the video:


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