Thursday, 4 April 2013


We recently got a new puppy!

He's a labernese (a labrador crossed with a bernese mountain dog).

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Photo: Cooper on his way home :0)
Photo: Best buddies :0)Photo: Learning stairs

A whole bundle of fun! It's been really great for the kids already this week, building cosmo's confidence around animals, and helping with his separation anxiety (I can now take the laundry upstairs and fold it and he hasn't once cried about being on his own downstairs - this may also have something to do with it being school holidays and he's always more settled knowing that dad isn't at work - even if he isn't in the house!) 

Lychee's speech is coming on rapidly and she talks to the puppy LOADS. 'Don't eat me Cooper!' is one of the first things she says to him before shoving her fingers in his face and giggling when he nibbles at them (luckily he has a very gentle mouth). 

We're so excited about having this new addition to our family, and can't wait until his vaccinations are complete and we can book into puppy training classes. We've found a local class at 9am on a monday morning that we can book him into, which is perfect because it means the kids can come and really take a part in his training. 

As they get older I will be giving them more and more responsibility (already they have some 'chores' with the puppy - Lila gives him his regular 'hugs', William is helping me to teach him recall) and I think that this will be a great addition not only as our family pet, but in helping grow the children in character and emotional maturity. 

Yay for dogs and homeschool!


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