Saturday, 11 February 2012


We love Readeez in our house. If you don't know what a Readeez is, you should check out this video.

I mean, seriously how cute, yet stealthily educational, is that?

Cosmo's personal favourite is 'Geometreez' where the little girl, 'Isobel' performs various acrobatics to demonstrate rotating on various axes.

There's readeez to help with general phonics recognition and frequent sight words for smaller children with reading and english grammar for slightly older kids. The videos use music and 'syllable sync' (where the words pop up syllable by syllable as they are spoken and sung) to help children learn.

I love this. How much easier was it to learn the alphabet, months of the year or even the periodic table when you had a song that went with it?

And then there's just some really cute videos that my children love like the lullaby 'Tonight and every night'.

The great thing about Readeez is that they don't dumb it down too much. There are long words, used in context, that my children learn to recognize and use without being concerned by them.

If you want to just watch a few readeez there are a tonne on youtube, but I recommend downloading them for a couple of reasons.

i) somebody works really hard to produce this excellent and innovative resource and I like to support that. I respect that they give so much content away for free and think it's nice to give back

ii) they are excellent value, especially if you by the bundle. Three half hour movies and a CD of songs is excellent for what ends up costing about £15.


Michael Rachap said...

From the guy who makes Readeez, thank you, Katie Jo! Your blogs are awesome -- great design, great content. "Stealthily educational...I may have to steal that.
By the way, did you see Bible Readeez? Working on a DVD of those too.
My best to your family,

Katie-jo Gracie said...

I had not seen the bible readeez! We'll look them up later today. I came across readeez on YouTube whilst doing hooked on phonics videos with my daughter. Readeez is way better.

When the bible readeez DVD comes out, will it be available for download too? We can't play US DVDs, and I like having them on my iPhone for portable entertainment anyway ;0)

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