Saturday, 31 December 2011

Woburn Safari Park

We scored some free tickets to Woburn safari park this week, that had to be used before new years, so we decided to go today.

We had a great time, despite appalling weather, because there's loads to do inside and out.

In fact, despite being there the entire day (seriously, we were the last car to leave and the ranger had to kick us out!) we didn't get around everything.

Lychee's favourites were no surprise - anything fluffy which could be petted. Weirdly she wasn't as excited by the marmosets as she was with the Russian hamsters at pets at home. I can only put this down to their lack of movement. She also gave us a new recognisable word 'tiger' which is funny because she says 'tiger - rah!' with exactly the same intonation that Cosmo did.

I was surprised by Cosmo's favourites though. He just loved the sea lions. Unfortunately we missed the show, but he still just loved watching them swimming around.

We did make it to the penguin feeding though, which he also loved. I was surprised to learn that Chilean penguins can only hold their breath for two minutes. Kind of lame for an animal associated with the ocean...

We got to see the lions really close, and a wolf was irritating a bear so close to our car that a ranger came and chased them away. Cosmo had been concerned he'd be scared of the lions, but when it actually came to it he was fine.

Both kids especially loved it when monkeys jumped on our car.

All in all - an awesome day out. To see all of our photos, visit our travel blog.


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